Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What Food Means to You

have you ever wondered if you are hungry and you have no food to be eaten and no money to buy food. what will you do if this situation happen to you? what will you feel when you are in this situation? you will feel that food are very important to you right? Yes, food are very important either we realize or not. sometimes when we have a lot of food we never think that food are very needed by other people who are poor enough to buy food.we simply throw the excess of food that still can be eaten. so back to the situation when you need food so much, you will realize that food means everything to you. without food you are hard enough to survive.
as the introduction to this blog, I beg all of you who are reading this post to appreciate food. know how much you can eat at one time so that no excess food will be thrown out.

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